Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reaching Out

The three people who read this Blog know that I am a registerd Repulican.

They also know that I am a RINO

For those uneducated, that means Republican In Name Only.

The only Republican I ever voted for was my boss, Larry Kacala. And that was because he was one of the few candidates for political office I have met who dared to put doing his job before pandering to political interests.

And he was defeated for that reason.

In Our country politics are often placed before reason.

And that is a shame.

Our office has been held as a standard for other Auditor's offices to follow. That could NOT have happened without the cooperation of everyone in the office, regardless of the initial after their nme.

So I will work to make sure that that most important office in the county remains free of political consideratiosn. No matter what it costs me.

America must keep woriking. Regardless of who steers it.

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Anastasia said...

All the best of luck!