Monday, January 31, 2005

Froze My Blood Cold

I logged on to my AOL service this afternoon and saw a headline on their news crawl that stopped me in my tracks:

"Some U.S. Students Say Press Freedoms Go Too Far"


Seriously. I think I sat there for five minutes with my mouth hanging open.

But that's not the worst part.

No. The worst part was the informal poll questions asked within the body of the story:

"Should more restrictions be placed on the American press?"


"Should the government be able to approve news stories before the public reads them?"

Out of over 75,000 votes cast in this highly unscientific poll (as of this writing), 41% answered "Yes" to the first question. That was bad enough. But even worse, 13% of the respondents answered "Yes" to the second question as well.

Think about that. 13 out of every 100 respondents to this poll believed that the GOVERNMENT should be able to "approve" news stories before they are released to the public.

OK. If there was EVER a question where the response should not only be "no", but "HELL NO!" 100% of the time, that's IT!!!!

For those 87% of the people who voted "no" on that second question, kudos.

For those 13% of you who voted "yes", sit down. We need to talk.

For the love of everything that's good and holy, have you people lost what passes for your minds?!

Have you been so brainwashed by the rhetoric coming out of Washington that you believe the government should have control over what you see, hear, and/or read?!

There's a word for that kind of government. It's called a dictatorship. And if you think it works, just ask the people of Nazi Germany. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or Haiti.

Seriously. Here's a quarter. Buy a clue. On second thought, here's a buck. You need to buy more than one. In fact, I think you need to have your heads examined.

As far as the 41% who voted "Yes" on that first question, we'll talk later. Right now I have to go bitch-slap a few people.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The LEAST loathsome people of 2004

Recently, Buffalo Beast published an article naming the 50 worst people of 2004, detailing their crimes and how they should be punished. You can find the article here:

ANYWAY, now that I assume you've read it, here is my list of some of the LEAST loathsome people of 2004 (Any corrections, additions, or counter-arguments may be made, but I will probably ignore them).

Eli Parisier, and the other founders of

These guys, using nothing but the internet, managed to raise tens of millions of dollars and put tens of thousands of volunteers on the street in the recent presidential campaign. They held a contest to create the best anti-DUHbya commercial, one which had thousands of entries. The got some of the best filmmakers in Hollywood to create original, often funny commercials, which were aired around the country. And even though all their efforts were for nought, they have created a huge grassroots movement which will remain a strong and dominant force in this country.

Howard Dean

One of the first Democrats in a long time who not only accepts the title of "Liberal", he revels in it. Even though his presidential campaign came to a "screaming" halt in Iowa, he looks to remain a strong force in the Democratic party. A few more people like him, and maybe calling someone a "liberal" will no longer be an insult.

Barack Obama

He's young, charismatic, intelligent, well-spoken, reasonably good-looking (except for those ears--good GOD, man, use glue if you have to!) and he knows how to give a rousing speech. If he can avoid the quagmire of D.C. politics that has bogged down the careers of so many promising politicians, I see big things for his future. The only strike against him that I can see is that his last name sounds a little to much like someone else's FIRST name...

Michael Moore

During his Oscar acceptance speech for Bowling for Columbine, he accused DUHbya of leading us into a fictitious war. After a mixed chorus of cheers and boos, and a firestorm of criticism from right-wing media outlets, he then proceeded to make an entire two-hour-long movie detailing exactly why he was right. And despite the efforts of everyone from Bill O'Reilly to Michael Eisner to keep that movie out of theatres, the resulting firestorm of publicity generated by this massive campaign to kill the film ensured that it would go on to be the highest grossing documentary in history. Being selected as the People's Choice for best film was the icing on the cake.

Al Franken, and the other radio hosts of Air America Radio

In less than one year, they've taken a fledgling radio network from 6 stations to more than 40, with more certain to appear. And while it would seem that they started their enterprise too late for it to make a significant difference in the election, I hope that they will continue to hold the Right accountable for the lies it has told and continues to tell.


This guy finds the best stories from all over the web, from politics to flashgames to just plain weird. He even posts the stuff I submit. And he came up with the term, "Bush Davidians". 'Nuff said.

The Blog Community

Hey, even little ol' me has a Blog now. It was bloggers who first raised the ruckus when Trent Lott made his blatantly racist comments at Strom Thurmond's birthday party a few years ago. Bloggers are not afraid to rush in where big media fears to tread. They can keep a story alive long after the major media outlets have let it go. And while that may not always be a good thing, I have to believe that in this day and age, when massive corporations control all the major media outlets, the blog community is the only way to ensure we continue to have a free press in this country.

Let's all keep up the good work!

Anyway, that's all for now. I may come up with more later.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You Go Girl!

I think I'm in love with Barbara Boxer.

First of all, she was the only Senator to stand up and demand that congress address the problems faced by many voters in the November election, and she did it when their case was much weaker than it was in 2000, when George Bush lost the first time.

Now, today, she took her gloves off and went 10 rounds with Condi Rice. When I lamented in yesterday's post that Condi's confirmation hearings would be nothing but a giant lovefest, I didn't count on B.B.!

Of course I didn't follow the entire hearing, but I did hear the clips as I was driving home yesterday, when B.B. used Condi's own words, spoken on different occasions, to demonstrate how the reasons she gave for the useless war in Iraq were changed as the war went along, and how now she has a hard time defending it at all.

But let's digress for a minute and go back and look at the reasons for this war, and the White House Justifications for them:

Reason #1: Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction
True or False: False. No weapons have been found, and the search for them has been called off.
Reason #2: Saddam Hussein had the desire to obtain WMD's
True or False: Probably true, but so what? That desire was never realized. I have the desire to obtain a date with the Playmate of the Year. I doubt my desire will be realized, either.
Reason #3: Saddam Hussein helped plan the September 11th attacks.
True or False: FALSE!!! I will keep repeating that as many times as it takes. The 9/11 commission clearly stated there was NO connection between Iraq and 9/11
Reason #4: Saddam Hussein was a cruel dictator who brutally oppressed his people.
True or False: True, but so what? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of tyrants just as bad, if not worse, than Saddam Hussein. Why don't we invade their countries and capture or kill them?

Actually, maybe I shouldn't say things like that. Don't want to give DUHbya any more ideas...

Anyhoo, back to Barbara. Let's just hope she gets re-elected the next time she's up for it. I would vote for her if she was from my state. Take note, all you spineless Democrats. People like Barbara Boxer are the future of your party. People who aren't afraid to show some guts for a change.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Condi faces the music

Well, probably not. Do I think that her confirmation hearing today will be anything less than a lovefest from both sides of the aisle? Of course not!

Let's review her record of accomplishments and qualifications:

Received a Presidential Daily Briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside U.S." more than a month before September 11th. Did absolutely nothing about it.

After the attacks, went on every TV network except the Food Channel explaining how it wasn't her fault.

Continuously pumped up the case for the War in Iraq.

Once referred to DUHbya as "Her husband".

Expert in the subject of the Soviet Union--which no longer exists.

During her four years as National Security Advisor, accomplished almost nothing that makes the country more safe and secure.

One of the four black people who actually voted for Bush (I assume!)

Quite a record, isn't it? And how is she rewarded for a nonstop string of failures? By being named the new Secretary of State, one of the most powerful cabinet positions there is.

Apparently in Bushworld, failure is rewarded with a chance to fail even more.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' testicles continue to shrivel up in the face of DUHbya's "overwhelming mandate"--which is what you call it when only 49% of the country hates you instead of 51%.

God help us all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

January 11th

Yesterday was January 11th, 2005. 3 years to the day since my mom died.

My mom was an extraordinary woman. She taught elementary school for most of her adult life. She was the kind of teacher that students hoped they DIDN'T get. She endured years of dangerous students (she worked in some pretty bad schools for a few years), nasty parents, clueless administrators, long hours, and lousy pay.

I've often wondered what it takes to be a teacher. I think you must need an endless supply of patience, wisdom, determination, intelligence, guts, and hardheadedness.

My mom had all of those things, in spades.

I will always miss her.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My best (and worse) of 2004

It seems like every other Blog, Dick, and Hairy has created a best and worst list for 2004, so I thought I'd take a crack at as well. Se here goes:

Let's start with the obvious first:

Favorite movie seen in 2004:

TIE: Fahrenheit 9/11 and Spiderman 2

The reason for the first selection should be obvious to anyone who has read any of my political rants over the course of this election year. And as for SM2, well, it's one of those very rare instances where a sequel was better than the original. I just couldn't decide whether I liked one over the other. Still no word on whether Michael Moore's next film will be titled: "What the Fuck is Wrong With You People?! Weren't You Paying Attention?! Do I Have to Draw You a Picture?!

Least favorite movie seen in 2004:

The Bourne Supremacy
Let me explain (and if you haven't seen it yet, don't read any further).

I liked this movie. I really did. But my biggest problem with it was the fact that they killed off the girl within the first 20 minutes of the movie. Having read all three books, I know that the character of Marie is the central figure in all three. In the books, Jason Bourne doesn't want to do what he is trained to do, but he does it because he is forced to because Marie is in danger. I won't explain further here. Go read the books yourself!

Movie I'm glad I didn't see in 2004:

Without a Paddle

Two words: Matthew Lillard

Movie I wish I'd seen in 2004:

The Incredibles

Everyone who has seen this movie has told me how great it was. I suppose it's still in some theatres, so I SHOULD get off my lazy ass and see it. Maybe this weekend.
Some of you may be saying I should see Shrek 2 while I'm at it, but I didn't think the first one was all that great. I realize this puts me in the minority, but I just didn't like it that much. Maybe I should watch it again when I'm drunk...

Favorite new TV show of 2004:


Three words: This. Show. Rocks.
I have no idea where they're going with it, but I guarantee I'll be going along for the ride. I just hope they can maintain the intensity and mystery of the show. Seriously. Just how many plot twists can they come up with?

Least favorite new TV show of 2004:

"Desperate Housewives"

I watched the pilot of this show, and that's one hour of my life I wish I could have back. Make that 55 minutes. If they'd cut everything from that show except for Eva Longoria strutting around in her underwear, THEN it MIGHT be worth watching.

Show that I like that I'm most sure won't last the season:


Rodney Carrington is one of my favorite comedians. However, you can probably count the number of standup comedians who've had successful TV careers on the fingers of one hand. I like this show, but I'm probably one of the few still watching it.

Obviously, I'm not counting any of the new shows that have already been cancelled. I haven't liked any of them.

TV show I'm happiest they brought back this season:


Granted, it took them until January to get it back on TV, but from what I've seen in the previews, it will be worth the wait! Besides, Jennifer Garner could have a show where she did nothing but recite the alphabet over and over and I would still watch it! Fox's "24" was a close second, but I was disappointed in the way it ended last season. They need to make it better this time around.

TV show I will miss the most when it's over:

"NYPD Blue"

Except for the first season, when the local ABC affiliate refused to air it (Long Story), I've watched every episode of every season. With the rapid emergence of shows like "CSI" that make police work seem too fancy and clinical, I will miss the gritty interrogation rooms of the 15th Precinct. But maybe it's time for them to go. The days of beating a confession out of someone are long past their time. Just ask the prisoners of Abu Ghraib...

Movie I'm most looking forward too in 2005:

Batman Begins

Elektra was a close second, but I've got to go with the Dark Knight on this one. After the way the last BM movie sucked dirty ass water, I have high hopes that this one will rescue the franchise. And from the previews I've seen, I won't be disappointed.

Movie I most expect to disappoint me in 2005:

Star Wars: Episode 3

I just can't help it. One and Two were just so bad. George Lucas made his best movies when he let someone else write and direct them. I have no doubt that he is a wizard at creating special effects, but the success of the first three movies was that there was an actual plot and good acting (in most cases) to back them up. They didn't depend of the visual effects to prop up the movie.

And now, on a more personal note:

High point of the year for 2004:

Watching my beloved OSU Buckeyes beat the snot out of Michigan. Here's to doing it again this November

Low point of the year for 2004:

Watching 51% of this country prove that it still has its collective head up its collective ass on November 2nd. What the fuck is WRONG with you people.

That's all for now. Time to hang on and enjoy the ride in 2005--and hope the terrorists don't blow us all up!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Looking back

As I sit in my chair on this first day of 2005, I want to pause and look back over the year that just passed. Since I started keeping my journal in May, a lot of things have happened, but I want to go back to before May and look at a few significant dates that stood out for me last year (I apologize if any of the dates are wrong).

January 11th: This date holds a special significance for me. Two years prior to this date, my mother finally lost a nearly 20 year battle with a particularly malicious form of cancer. Over the years she endured radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, biopsies, and just about every other form of treatment there is. Through it all, she never gave up. When she was first diagnosed, her doctor gave her five years, maximum. She lived more than three times that long.

She was an extraordinary woman. I miss her.

January 19th: The Democratic party turns its back on one of the most exciting, charismatic figures ever to be a Democrat (Howard Dean) and instead chooses a man with all the charisma of a stone (John Kerry). Once again, Democrats show their lack of any visible spine. Meanwhile, endless media repitition of the now infamous "Scream" by Dean ensures that his political future will forever be in the crapper.

May 26th (I think!): The latest addition to the McAfee family, James Franklin, entered the world. He had a fight from day 1, being put on a respirator because he was having trouble breathing. If you look back through some of my previous posts, you'll find his picture taken 3 days after he was born. Life renews itself yet again.

June 15: The country marveled as they watched a team of unknowns called the Detroit Pistons beat Shaq, Kobe, and the Lakers in five games to claim the NBA title. Shaq is human after all (all evidence to the contrary!)

June 30th: "Fahrenheit 9/11" hits the silver screen, despite efforts by everyone from Disney to Bill O'Reilly to kill it. The massive publicity generated by this negative campaign against the film ensures that it will go on to gross more than any documentary in history. Michael Moore laughs all the way to the bank.

August 30th-September 2nd: The Republicans hold their national convention in New York City (what, was San Francisco booked?) during which the name "John Kerry" is mentioned repeatedly as the greatest threat to national security that has ever existed. Meanwhile, the REAL bad guy, Osama Bin Laden, is never mentioned. I guess they forgot all about him, what with the unprovoked war against Iraq and all.

September 11th: Three years earlier, terrorists perpetrated the deadliest mass casualty attack to ever happen on American soil. The mastermind behind that attack remains at large to this day. He regularly puts out videotapes mocking us and reminding us of that fact.

November 2nd: 51% of the country proves just how ABSOLUTELY FUCKING STUPID it is. A campaign run on fear, attack ads, and endless repitition of lies proves its worth one more time. Anti-gay amendments in several swing states are a key part of this. When will it stop, people? When we're making them wear pink triangles, herding them into concentration camps, and gassing them?

Of course, it doesn't help much that Kerry is such a dud. I'm seriously considering moving to Canada for the next four years.

November 20th: The Buckeyes CRUSH Michigan! That's partial payback for Bush winning the election. Make sure it happens again for the next three years and I'll consider that debt settled. Are you listening, football Gods?

December 25th
: Another Christmas comes--and goes. My credit card is still whimpering.

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure there are more dates, but that's all I can remember. I wish anyone reading this happiness and health for 2005.