Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Home Run Champ

Barry Bonds.

He is now the Home Run King.

That's it.

I will say no more about it than this: He has hit more home runs in the Major Leagues than any other person who plays major league baseball.

And there is no other way to respond to that.

Until some other baseball player hits more home runs than he did, that record will hold. Period.

It does not matter that he may or may not have used performance enhancing drugs. The fact is that if a man has the ability to swing a stick of wood so that it connects with a 3 and a half inch sphere traveling at him at 90+ miles per hour and sends that sphere over 390 feet, he deserves a level of respect that no mortal can manage. I could never do that if I injected myself with 7000 vials of steoroids And I respect any man or woman who can do that.

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