Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Back

Well, folks, I recently spent a week sailing through the Carribbean on a ship that is designed to make people feel like they aren't actually on a ship. Seriously. This ship (The MS Westerdam--Holland America Lines) is not so much a ship as it is a 900-foot long, 12-story high floating building.

Not having a laptop, and not wanting to pay the OUTRAGEOUS fees for internet access ($80 for 100 minutes!), I was forced to hold my thoughts.

I took some notes of my journey each day using pen and paper (yes, it does occasionally still happen!). Over the course of the next few days, I hope to translate and augment those notes--and thoughts--into this forum, hopefully augmented by pictures and links.

With any luck, you the three readers of this blog will be treated to a Magnum Opus on par with last year's blog entries on my reflections on my trip to Hawaii. Or at least a fairly normal travelogue.

But give me a day or two. Last week at a few hours before this time I was warming myself in tropical sunshine. Today I am walking around wearing 3 layers and feeling a sub-zero wind chill. It will take me a while to recover.

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