Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a Bit of a Stretch

The Toledo Blade published (I'm not sure why) a story today in which Republican (snicker) "Congressional candidate" Joe Wurzelbacher--aka "Joe the Plumber, or, as I call him, "Joe the dumber", called President Barack Obama's "conversion" to Christianity "a miracle". He also says that "Barry" (his nickname for the President of the United States) came to Christ, and that he is his brother.

OK, first, where do I start?

Well, step one. They are both humans (presumably).

Two: Both are male.
Three. Both are American. (Yes, birthers, Obama WAS born in America!) Hey, 3 down. We're on a roll.
Four: Both are Christian. I think we may be onto something here!
Five: Both are relat--er, wait. Strike that.
Six: Well, they are both good frien--er wait. Strike that.
Seven: They went to college togeth--shoot. Not looking good.
Eight: Both are President of the Unit--Ah, crap.

Not much of a case for the "brothers" thing here.

If you read the article carefully, you see where Joe the Dumber manages to get in digs at the President, calling particular attention to his admitted drug experimentation and the fact that he lived in Indonesia as a child. He also calls Obama's "conversion" to Christianity the reason for his election to the Presidency. There couldn't possibly be any other reason for that.

I'm not entirely sure what this is meant to accomplish for Joe. After all, he's not running for President, he's running for congress (no, really!) (stop laughing!) (I said stop laughing, dammit!) How this helps his "campaign" is something of a mystery.

I'm not really sure why this man is still being taken seriously by the national press.

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