Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Great Day Indeed

Last week, I had a great day at work.

As all of the three people who read this blog know, our much beloved boss lost his bid for re-election last November. And his replacement has gone out of her way to completely change the way everything was done by the old administration, regardless of the fact that our office ran like a Swiss watch for years. And her subordinates have followed that doctrine. Basically, they are trying to get rid of anyone who worked in the old administration, any way they can.

That has meant that every tiny little mistake I make has been magnified tenfold. So far, this has meant only one disciplinary action for me. But I am on constant guard against further action.

So last week, my supervisor handed me an e-mail detailing 3 mistakes that had been made the previous week.

And, after a bit of research, and going into e-mails I had been sent, I was able to prove that all 3 mistakes were her fault. It was all I could do from breaking into a shit-eating grin while explaining this.

So it was a good day.

No, it was a GREAT day!

The only downside is that now she'll be even more actively seeking ways to make me look bad.

Bring it on!

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