Monday, March 24, 2008

Bush 4000--So?

So, 4000 American military personnel have been killed in Iraq. A news interviewer was talking to VP DICK Cheney about the situation in Iraq. She mentioned that a majority of the American public polled as being against the war. His response: "So?"

Cheney, apparently, gives a shit.

He cares less that he steered this country into a war.

He cares less that this war had no justification.

He cares less that this war has cost the lives of 4000 American soldiers.

He could care less. But I'm really not sure how.

I don't know why this surprises me. This is a man who got drunk while hunting and shot another man in the face. And don't even try to say that didn't happen. If it didn't, the administration would not have waited a day before allowing him to give a statement to the police. They had to sober him up.

This is a man whose arrogance knows no bounds.

And this is a man who is a heartbeat away from being the President.

That is something that scares me the most.

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