Monday, April 21, 2008

My Angel Friend.

One or two of the 3 readers of this blog may or may not recall that last December, a few days before Christmas, one of my best friends from high school was found dead in his apartment. He was my age. roughly, and he was, by most accounts, reasonably successful with a good part of his life ahead of him. And yet, he is now dead.

His death hit me hard. I was, in varying degrees, sad, mad, and hurt. Sad over his death. Mad that he could be taken from us too early. And hurt that I didn't keep in better touch with him.

But I've been able to detach myself from his death, mainly due to the fact that I could rationalize it by saying that we had drifted apart over the years. After all, he moved to Arizona years ago, and we barely spoke any more. I visited him a couple of times, and he me, but we had gone the way most high school friendships go.

But this past Saturday I went to Rodney Carrington's show when he came to town. He was his usual hilarious self. I nearly--to borrow a line from him--shit out a kidney I was laughing so hard.

But near the end of the show, he grew serious. And he began talking about a friend of his, who had been touring for years with him, who had died not too long ago. And then he played a song he had written to honor his friend.

I have to say--it took every effort I could muster not to break down and cry. This was not due to pride on my part, but due to the fact that I didn't want to explain why I was crying to my friends who were at the show with me. Y'see, his story and song brought home to me--hard--the fact that I will never see my old friend again, at least not in this life.

I can now claim membership in a club that no one wants to belong to, and yet far too many people do--those who have lost a good friend.

These are the lyrics to the song, My Angel Friend, written by Rodney Carrington.

Lift me up each day
Even though you've gone away
Your Spirit dances in my mind
In my heart, and in my soul
The life you lived, The Love you left
The one's you've touched, we won't forget
You give us strength in time of need
My Friend, My Angel Friend

'And we shared good times, through the years
In my heart and soul, you're here with me
My Friend, My Angel Friend

I hear you whisper in the wind
Piece by piece our, hearts will mend
The dreams you've shared will carry on
Here and now, and beyond
'And the world will smile, for you were here
The gifts you brought we'll hold them dear
I'll take you with me, 'til we meet again
My Friend My Angel Friend

'And We'll share good times from now on
In my heart you live on, with me
My Friend, My Angel Friend

I miss my Friend

Here's to you, John. May you know the peace in death that you apparently could not find in life. And may we someday meet again in a better place.

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