Monday, May 19, 2008

Time to Admit It.

I admit it.

I'm a geek.

The problem is, I'm not the GOOD kind of geek. The GOOD kind of geek owns his own software company and has a billion dollars in the bank and a blond 20 year old trophy wife.

No, I'm the bad kind of geek.

I'm, the kind of geek that spends all of his off-work hours in front of his computer playing MMORPG's or FPS games or strategy games--or possibly surfing the web for free porn. In other words, the pathetic kind. The kind that the good kind of geek loves because we spend our hard-earned money on the computer games that THEY create.

The bad kind of geek also spends his time writing entries in a blog that no one else in the world will ever read. And he is too pathetic to do it more than once or twice a week. Or even less than that.

He is also pathetic enough that when he can't think of anything to write in his blog, he writes useless drivel like this.


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