Friday, November 27, 2009

Commercial Creeps me Out.

I wonder if any of you the 3 readers of this blog have seen the latest Michelin commercial...

Well, if you haven't, let me describe it, if I can: It starts with a dark country road. It is a dark, cloudy, rainy night. On this road are dozens of cute, fluffy, animated bunnies, squirrels, and various other cute critters.

All of them in varied ROADKILL POSES!!

Seriously. These animals have flattened stomachs, legs, and various other body parts, all with tire treads across them. The only thing missing is the blood (Maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas...)

Believe me, it's worse than this makes it sound.

Then, of course, out comes the Michelin Man to save the day, by throwing Michelin tires at a car as it is about to run down yet another defenseless animal.

OK first of all, whoever was the "creative" mind behind this creepy commercial, I desperately implore you to seek professional help NOW!

Second, to the Michelin exec that approved this ad: I really don't see a big Christmas bonus in your future.

Memo to Michelin: The best way to sell a lot of tires is NOT to feature ROADKILL in your commercials!

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Colleen said...

I just saw this commercial and I it sickened me! I'm trying to find a video of it online and if I do, I'm sending it to peta. Whoever thought of this idea is a real sicko. I totally agree with you.