Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Insidiousness of Movie Piracy

There is a certain website out there--no strike that--there are dozens of websites out there--that allow recently released movies to be viewed--very easily--on-line.

Most of these movies are very poor quality, often featuring copies of movies filmed by illicit video cameras snuck into theaters, and they often feature poor sound quality and terrible pictures. I don't watch them mostly for that reason (among others). Recently, however, I came across a website that allowed full viewing of the new movie Avatar. The FULL movie, with all the bells and whistles, including not too bad quality sound and picture. The only thing missing was the 3-D.

I didn't watch it. I won't watch it. I can't accept that it should be watched. I paid good money to watch it in a theater, with full surround sound and real 3-D. And I CERTAINLY won't link to the site. I don't imagine it can be too hard to find, if anyone is determined enough.

I have accepted that this kind of outright piracy is what is and will be killing movies. Seriously. Why bother to expend the time, money, and effort to make a blockbuster movie when less than a day after it comes out in theaters, it can be viewed on-line for free?

I realize that these concerns, or some like them, have been raised before. And will be raised again. My point is that it seems like this has been happening more frequently in the last few years, and it is getting worse.

If anyone has any idea what to do about it, I'm listening.

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