Wednesday, November 30, 2005

30 Seconds

Idiot Boy gave another speech this morning. The title of this post is approximately how long it took him to invoke September 11th.

And I quote:

"It's the first year that every class of midshipmen at this academy arrived after the attacks of September the 11th, 2001." (emphasis mine)

Kee-rist! It took him less than a minute. In the first sentence of the main body of his speech (after the Thank you's and the lame joke.)

I suppose we should consider it a small miracle that he only mentioned it one other time (as far as I could tell). Perhaps Rove has gotten the message on that score.

However, also by my count, the words "terror", "terrorist", or "terrorism" was used 49 times. The word "freedom" was used 22 times. Some things never change.

As for the speech itself, it was the same as has been given dozens of times before: Stay the course, don't cut and run, when they stand up we will stand down, blah, blah, blah, etc. Nothing new.

By the way, have you all noticed how much bush has aged lately. I mean, here's a side by side comparison of what he looked like at the beginning of his term (on the left) and what he looks like today (on the right):

Also, DUIbya has been "Google Bombed" again.

Seriously. You can go to Google, put in the word "failure" (sans quotes) and press "I'm Feeling Lucky" and you get the official White House biography page of George W. Bush!

This has always worked for "miserable failure", but it also now works for "failure".

And in case you wonder why he's such a failure as president, here's a handy reference guide.

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