Sunday, September 02, 2007

Appalachian State

Division 1-AA school Appalachian State has defeated Michigan in what may be the upset of the year, decade, century, or EVER.

In the first few games of the year, the major teams of Division 1-A college football pay large amounts of money to bring small, easily beatable teams to their home fields to massacre them. The Big schools get easy wins, and the small schools get national exposure for their stars and a big paycheck.

But today, that strategy may be turned on its end.

Because, today, for the first time in years, decades, or CENTURIES, the sacrificial lamb turned tails and devoured the feaster.

Every other weak team fulfilled its job, lost, and went home with a big paycheck for its division.

App. state refused to do that. They BEAT their Goliath. And they earned 400K for doing so.

Hopefully, the message they sent was that just because the scouts ignore the 2nd tier players, it doesn't mean don't have the talent to be the best.

Because if today has proved anything, it is that you cannot count ANYBODY out!

Go Bucks!

Update (9/2/03): Bowling Green State University, a local team, upset Minnesota in OT. Another lamb slaughters its would-be killer! God, I love it!

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