Monday, September 03, 2007

Restoring My Faith

Yesterday, September 1st, I went shopping at the newly opened COSTCO wholesale store.

But when I went onto my pocket to pay for my purchases, I discovered that I had lost my money clip with all my cash in it. I had to visit the local ATM to get more cash to pay for my purchases.

After spending a day searching my house for it, I decided to call COSTCO on a hunch. I was informed that someond had found the clip and turned it in to the office.

I went back and retrieved it, and discovered that all the cash that was in it was still completely intact. I asked who had turned it in, only to discover that it had been returned by an anonymous employee, robbing me of any opportunity to financailly reward this good Samaritan.

This act of anonymous kindness has, at least temporarily, restored my faith in the human condition, and given me hope that there may be a slim chance that we as a race will survive in the long run. Maybe.

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