Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Obama!

Gotta take a break once again from my heartwarming story series and share with the 3 people who read this blog some pictures from Obama's visit to Toledo today.

Quite a crowd, eh?

Here's some pix of Obama.
(Sorry about the quality of the pix, but I was pretty far away!)

Of course, there's always an idiot on call...

BTW, to the idiot holding this sign up, you are welcome to me for blacking out your face. I didn't have to, but common courtesy made me do it. The same courtesy of which you are obviously completely unaware.

Seriously. Baby-murdering Muslims? Dude, here's a quarter. Buy a clue.

I might also add that if this asshat had showed up at a McCain event, he'd be in Guantanamo by now. The difference between their party and ours is they look to silence all dissent. We look to drown it out with cheering.

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