Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reflections on a Trip to Paradise

Back on the Mainland of the U.S., during winter, I want to share a few observations about the only U.S. state that is a chain of tropical islands.

* Hawaii is a United State. It is also the only one that cannot be reached via land vehicle of any kind.

* It is the only state that you are required to fill out an immigration form to visit. It may be disguised as an agricultural information form, but let's call a spade a spade...

* It is the only one of two states where you are warned that prices advertised on TV do not apply. Case in point: Subway's $5 footlongs cost $6.99 there.

* It is a state where primetime TV starts at 6 PM.

* It is a state where travel between some of the cities requires traveling either by plane or boat.

* It is a state where you can observe people living in conditions you would expect to see in a 3rd world country. Sadly, the state is by no means unique in this regard...

* It is a state where 70 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a "cool day". Wimps.

* It is a state where residents often speak a foreign language that is spoken regularly in no other state in the country.

* It is a state that desperately needs a lot of help that it will probably never get, due to its geographic isolation and lack of political power.

And, it is a state that I recommend everyone visit at least once in their lives, if they can. There are few things in life that don't disappoint. Hawaii is one of them. For all the negatives mentioned above, it's hard to be unhappy when visiting a state where it is sunny and warm when every other state in the country has snow someplace. I'd live there if I could afford it.

Mahalo, Hawaii, for a wonderful vacation experience. I hope to return to your sunny shores again. Hopefully, it won't take another 42 years before that happens.

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