Monday, March 01, 2010

A Trip to Paradise, Part 4

Day 4

Returning the rental car was on today's agenda, after a morning spent fat-assing around the hotel doing as little as possible.

Returning the rental car meant going back to Honolulu airport. There were a few ways to get back to the resort once I returned it. My choices were a cab ride, or relying on Hawaii public transportation (= The Bus).

Cab: $30
The Bus: $2.25
(By the way, "The Bus" is not my name for Hawaii's public transportation system--it's theirs. Seriously. It's simply called "The Bus". It's not terribly original, but why should they call it anything else when it's the only one available?)

Easy choice.

It's quite a remarkable thing. Riding a bus in Honolulu is a lot like riding a bus in any other city in the country. Crowded, smelly, and with non-existent shock absorbers. I have experienced being completely dependent on public transportation before, though, and it is not fun.

But hey, the price is right. And I did my small part to help keep Hawaii green.

After day four, we had little to do except a lot of nothing...

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