Sunday, September 18, 2005


I'm guessing you're asking about the title of this post.

Well, like this post a few months ago, the title of this post indicates how much I just paid to fill up my tank.

Let me remind you people that I drive a Ford Escort with a ten gallon gas tank. Up until a few months ago, I had NEVER paid more than $15 to fill my gas tank--even when it was sitting on empty.

But now, even my tiny car is feeling the pinch of $2.75 a gallon for gas.

And I have to wonder: What is the limit? How high do gas prices have to get before people start to boil over? When will we as a nation finally say: "ENOUGH!"

When do our politicians finally declare that oil companies have a limit on how much they can charge?

When do we finally start a project to ensure that this country becomes completely energy independent in ten years?

The answer is: When hell freezes over.

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