Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm Pissed Off!

Patrick Leahy has caved.

He has announced that he, along with Max Baucaus (D.--Mont.) will be voting for John Roberts.

It's now likely that he will get at least 80 votes.

I think Daily Kos says it better than I could:

Let me be clear. I had no illusions that John Roberts would not be confirmed. The fight NOW was for the NEXT fight. Dems needed to show spine now so that Bush would fear what they might do on the next one.

Who in their right mind would have any fear of the Democratic Senators now? No one. Even an idiot like Bush can see that.

One line that annoys me that I hear bandied about is that somehow this shows that "Dems will approve 'reasonable' nominees." For the life of me I don't understand that comment. Roberts may well be "reasonable," but how in the hell does anybody know?

Imagine this scenario. Bush nominates a conservative appellate court judge who has only 2 years of judicial experience, a history as a Republican partisan, worked at the Reagan White House and then in the Solicitor General's office. This nominee then basically cribs his "answers" from those provided by Roberts. Then what do Dems do? Because if you think Roberts is the only one of these Stepford judges they can find, you are sadly mistaken...

...Bush now has a free hand to nominate whatever wingnut he pleases. What are the Dems gonna do? Fight? Don't make me laugh.

So, so long the right to choose. So long Congress' Commerce power. So long checks on Presidential power. So long civil rights laws.

(emphasis mine)

I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. I just can't fucking believe it!!

I mean, the only thing we know about Roberts is that "Dr." James Dobson is delighted with him as the president's choice. That fact alone should convince anyone to the left of Rush Limbaugh that Roberts is the wrong choice.

I plan to write a letter to the editor on this. If it gets published. I'll let you know.

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