Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Decision to Make

For months now I have been grappling with a difficult decision: do I go to see the new Karate Kid?

In the first place, the title is wrong: it should be the Kung Fu kid. And I realize that Karate and Kung Fu are both westernizations of Oriental martial arts that have existed far longer than Hollyweird has been aware of them.

Second, I watched the first Karate Kid more times than I care to count, both in theaters and on video. Hey, what can I say: I empathized with the story: a high school nerd, picked on by bullies. I only wish there had been my own version of Mr. Miyagi to defend me. It might have gotten me a lot farther than I am today.

Third, I can't help but think that I can't watch this movie without comparing it to the original. As will anyone of my generation.

In its defense, this movie features an actual 12 year old playing a 12 year old. (Ralph Macchio was 22 when he played a high school sophomore). The movie also stars Jackie Chan, who has starred in dozens of martial arts themed movies, and frequently performed his own stunts. Pat Morita, who portrayed the original Mr. Miyagi, readily admitted that he knew little or nothing of the martial arts. His stunts in the movie and its sequels were performed by doubles.

I have to decide if i will see it.

Future updates will tell.

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