Monday, June 21, 2010

So I saw it

In a previous post, I questioned whether or not I should see the new Karate Kid. Well, events of the week prevented me from posting my opinions.

And here they are.

I saw it. I was entertained, which is rare for me when it comes to what is coming out of Hollyweird these days.

I was also amused by the little touches, which were an homage to the original: The instructor at one point spreads car wax on his car. He reads the instructions on how to compete in a tournament. He uses chopsticks to catch a (dead) fly.

I also couldn't help comparing it to the original time and time again. The protagonist gets in trouble originally over a girl. He is nearly beaten to death (and rescued by his future instructor) after pulling a prank on his tormentors that goes wrong. He is forced into humiliating repetitive labor that he grows disgusted with, only to learn that it is an important part of his training. He discovers that his instructor is hiding a devastating secret that is only revealed after finding said instructor strongly intoxicated.

It's all there.

But it was still entertaining.

And I recommend this to anyone who has not seen the original. You will enjoy it.

For everyone else, your enjoyment will be dimmed by the constant comparisons. And you may not find it as enjoyable as you could have.

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