Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Today, I learned that my former boss, a former Republican elected official, apparently jumped to his death from the fifth floor of a Hospital parking garage.

Note: I will use no names or other specific references in this post. Those who want to know who I am talking about can find out easily enough.

I currently know next to nothing about the circumstances. This was a man who, at 53, apparently decided that it was not worth going on.

As of this writing, it is being considered a suicide. The fact that it happened in the parking garage of a hospital is telling. I will wait and see if anything further develops.

I am sad, angry, confused, and devastated, in no particular order. This man ran the office I worked in for 14 years. He was well-liked by almost everyone who worked for him. When he lost his job, It was a blow to nearly everyone there, myself included. It should be noted that I don't like many Republicans. I liked this guy. He wasn't afraid to put politics aside and do the job he was elected to do. It's an attitude that probably cost him his job.

I can't imagine what can drive a person to decide that it is no longer worth the effort to continue living. I hope that I will never reach that decision. I have family and friends. And a dog.

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