Monday, June 14, 2010

It is not Right

Today I attended the funeral of the six year old daughter of a co-worker. She died from the injuries she sustained after being struck by a car.

She was six years old.

She was six years old.


It is. Not. Right.

Every time I attend a funeral, I hear the same themes: They are with God now. They are in a better place. God has a plan. We will move on.

This was a funeral for a six year old. God couldn't wait a few decades?! A better place? What better place is there than growing up in a home with parents and siblings who love you?! A Plan?! What kind of cruel God takes a six year old girl away from parents who love her?! What kind of sick, twisted plan is that?!

At times like this, these are the questions that we ask.

During the sermon, the priest brought up the troubles experienced by Job. As everything good in Job's life was stripped away, he cursed himself, his life, and the day he was born. The one thing he did not curse was God.

I do not curse God. But I question His wisdom on days like this. And I wonder about His plan. Why is He so cruel to those who praise Him?

Maybe someday I will know the answer to that question. Maybe.

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