Friday, January 20, 2006

Some People are Just RUDE!

So. I was at the grocery store today. I was able to find a cart--no easy task at this place--and I was pushing it along, merrily filling my shopping needs. I had so far picked up a bottle of Pepto and a case of beer. I dropped into the in-store liquor store to grab a bottle. I had left my cart behind at the entrance to the store.

So I made my purchase and came out. I looked. No cart. I looked right. No cart. I looked left. My beer and pepto were sitting on the floor. A few feet away, a woman--I hesitate to call her a lady, and you'll see why later--had removed my stuff and stolen my cart. Now, the reason I know it was mine was because it had a badly dented handle.

So the following conversation ensued:

Me: Excuse me. You took my cart.
Her: Yeah. (not a question. Just a statement of fact)
Me: So...can I have it back?
Her: But I couldn't find a cart, and I got a baby. (she walks away with my cart)

I mean, COME ON!!! She didn't even ask! She just took my stuff out and stole my cart...right in front of me. Meanwhile, I limped back to the store entrance--you may recall I broke my toe a few weeks ago and it still hurts--and retrieved another cart. Then, as I'm going down an aisle, I run into the same woman. She mutters, "Asshole."

I said, "Nice talk. You kiss your baby with that mouth?"

I walked away smugly. I feel sorry for that baby. With a mother like that, she's sure to end up selling herself for crack by the time she's 15. At least, that's what I hope.

And I hope this cun--er--woman gets cancer of the taint. Seriously. If she had just waited and asked me nicely, I would have given it to her, broken toe and all. But she decides to be obnoxious about it instead. And if somewhere, somehow, this woman comes across this entry and remembers this little incident, then I say to you this: "Suck my dick, you bitch! I hope you die of genital warts!"

I can be rude, too.

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