Monday, October 17, 2005

On Borrowed Time?

Hello all. This is a picture of my dog, Minnie:

She's a cute little mutt, isn't she?

At any rate, she was a stray dog that I adopted.

And I think she's living on borrowed time.

Why do I say this, do you ask? Well, the reason is this. As a former stray, she spent about the first five months of her life living on the street. And, in the brutally Darwinian world that is the life of a stray dog, only the smartest dogs survive. Minnie, therefore, is very smart. And she knows every way possible to get out of a fenced-in yard. I'm considering re-naming her Houdini.

And when she does this, she wanders. She wanders all over the neighborhood, frequently crossing and re-crossing the street in the process. And I'm afraid that one of these times a car will hit her. Or she'll tangle with a much larger dog (you may bave noticed that she's about the size of a stuffed toy). Or that some other horrible fate will befall her. She also doesn't come when I call her--a rather annoying trait, I might add.

So I want her to be remembered by someone besides me. I've now had four dogs in my life, and every time one of them died, it's made me very sad.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They give us their unconditional love in exchange for nothing more than food, shelter, baths, and the occasional biscuit. What other creature can you say that about?

BTW, I'm in this reflective mood because she got out again this afternoon, and I spent half an hour wandering all over the neighborhood in the rain looking for her.

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