Sunday, October 16, 2005

So Here's What I Know

(This article will be heavily biased against stupid white men and will contain harsh language. BE WARNED!!)

Yesterday, there was a riot in Toledo, Ohio.

It didn't start out as one.

It started when a group of neo-nazi assholes responded to the call of the brother of a white man who was pissed that his neighbors were black, and occasionally had friends over. They announced that they would be holding a protest march here in Toledo.

Another group announced that they planned to organize a peaceful counter-protest on the same day.

The neo-nazis (hereinafter referred to as NN's) arrived in Toledo.

On the morning of October 15th, 2005, the NN's gathered in a predesignated spot to prepare for their upcoming march. Toledo police surrounded them to protect them from hostile crowds.

A large group of counter-protesters began to gather at some distance away from the NN's. They included a number of black people who were very upset that the city of Toledo allowed the NN's to excercise their Constitutional right to peacably assemble.

The NN's briefly began to march.

The counter-protestors turned violent, being very upset that the police were protecting the NN's.

The NN's cancelled their planned march, realizing that exactly what they wanted to happen had happened--namely that they wanted violence to erupt.

Violence erupted. Several people were arrested, lots of damage was done, and the national news will report that black people started a riot.

Jesus H. Christ, will the human race ever learn to live together in peace?!

I'm having serious doubts.

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